We are customer-focused and understand the challenges and opportunities each SME might encounter with. We use the most cutting-edge ICT  and equipment to build leading professional platform,  server and back-box system. In addition, our team are talent ICT experts and we are determined to provide excellent and dedicated broadband solutions to companies.


In addition to basic enterprise-class ADSL and VDSL access, if you are limited by geographical location and cannot access higher-level network such as fiber, We can provide you with multi-line bundling service so that all the limitations will no longer be your constraints to business opportunities.


Business customer can choose different optical access according to their business needs . As the first layer ISP with Chorus, we can provide customer with more than 10 types of fiber optic service products of different bandwidths, different guaranteed speed, different service types and grades.


HSNS (Exclusive Broadband) is the most advanced network connection type in New Zealand. Based on your needs, we can offer you fiber or copper, from 1Mbps to 1000 Mbps,with guaranteed bandwidth, guaranteed speed, and guaranteed stability.