cctv surveillance

Every business has a unique set of challenges they face when it comes to security. TelnetNZ is ready to meet your needs wherever you are with infinite scalability, flexible pricing plans, a wide array of advanced analytics and an open API platform for unlimited customization.

The usage of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) and IP Video for surveillance as a deterrent against criminal behaviour is growing substantially, with businesses becoming aware of the critical role CCTV plays in property and stock security, health and safety, and accountability

CCTV systems are typically comprised of cameras, video recorders and monitors. They can range in size and complexity; from a single camera system, to a highly sophisticated system utilising network infrastructure including LAN, WAN, Fibre and Mobile Wireless Networks, sometimes connecting hundreds of cameras to one single management platform.

Depending on your requirements, budget, industry and environmental conditions in which the CCTV System is installed, TelnetNZ’s professional security solution team can tailor a system just for you.

Common cases of a CCTV system:



 Behaviour management

Recorded footage for future records

Advanced features a CCTV system:

License plate recognition

Smart target tracking 

Night Vision 

Remote view and access from a smart device 

Solar powered remote surveillance

AI Powered applications: 

Motion Recording

Cameras can be set to only record when motion is detected, which saves considerable hard drive space in a recorder and also reduces the amount of time required to review footage.

Facial Detection

Facial recognition is also now common in the industry, allowing identification of specific individuals and trigger actions such as alerting security when such a person is identified.

Automatic Tracing

CCTV pan tilt cameras can also be set up to monitor a large 360-degree area, automatically rotating to identify movement. These systems pose a significant threat to thieves and are a strong deterrent to any attack.