Cloud pbx

A feature-rich phone system to keep your business winning

Technology should assist your business enhance productivity and better serve its customers, not hinder it. Thankfully, the days of having a dusty old phone system taking up valuable space and a tangle of cables hanging out are over. TelnetNZ's Cloud PBX enables greater flexibility for businesses by determining who is available to answer a call, allowing you to be certain that you are giving the best service possible to your customers.

Furthermore, by deploying a corporate-quality phone system that is hosted in the cloud rather than on-premise, your company saves money on both capital and operating expenses - bring your PBX out of the cabinet and into the cloud.

Key Benefits of TelnetNZ Cloud PBX Solution

Easy to use

With an intuitive interface, TelnetNZ's Cloud PBX is simple to use. Plus, features such as being able to set calls to follow staff when they roam, or redirect to others, makes the best use of your workforce, and ensures customers' calls don't go unanswered.


Empower your staff to choose the best way to communicate via a desk phone, an app or any mobile device that they like.

Lower Costs

Using a Cloud PBX for your business phone system removes the need to purchase or maintain costly PBX hardware. There's no threshold and you can add more users as your business grows to save costs.


You will benefit from a more resilient cloud-based phone system - secured in a data center with diverse access and backup power, and maintained by professionals to keep it updated.


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