Virtual Private Servers give you full root-level access to the operating system, allowing you the flexibility to install and run virtually anything on the server.

A Virtual Private Server (sometimes referred to as a VPS or Virtual Server) is a physical server that has been partitioned into multiple virtual servers, each operate as if they were their own dedicated machine. Each VPS can be independently re-booted and the virtualisation software allows each virtual server to run its own copy of the operating system with superuser-level access to install almost any application.

A VPS gives you the features and functionality of a dedicated server without the cost of building and maintaining one. If you need to host unlimited domains, have complete control of your environment and/or run your own applications, then you will benefit from having a VPS. In addition, a VPS provides the ability to manage your dedicated environment directly through SSH or Remote Desktop Connection.

Available Operating System





Key Benefits of TelnetNZ VPS Solution

Scale on Demand

Our platform offers massive scalability that can grow on demand and saves initial cost.

Uptime Guarantee

We are very confident with our core network and you have the assurance of availability for 99.99% of the time.

Network Monitoring

All servers are monitored 24/7 and immediate action is taken if a problem is detected.

Outstanding performance

Your VPS are served from a cluster of powerful servers for exceptional performance and reliability.


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