Enterprise Connectivity Solutions for larger businesses

You look over a large corporation with sophisticated IT requirements, so you will need the accesses that run at full speed at all times. Dedicated Fibre is where the fibre that you get is uncontended (not shared with anyone else), between you and our data centres - making it the fastest possible connection that you will ever get. You can then purchase Internet bandwidth from our data centre to the Internet, or use the fibre as part of a WAN service to other locations you may have.

Here some typical scenarios of applications:

·The primary connection to a WAN (ie at the Data Centre or Server location).

·Large offices and locations where internet and data services are critical

·Educational institutions where it is likely very heavy loads will be put on the circuits (ie 100ʼs of students flooding onto the Wifi)

·Media operations where ultra reliable streaming is paramount

Key Benefits of Premium UFB

“Gold Standard”

Service Level

Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) to ensure they also provide the highest possible levels of reliability.


Symmetrical download and upload access rate from 100Mbps to 10Gbps.

Congestion Free

Solutions that are delivered with guaranteed speeds and maximum reliability over a dedicated circuit.


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