TelnetNZ’s Cloud Backup is secure, extremely reliable and ultra-fast. Backup is half the story, successful recovery is the complete story.

Fire, theft and natural disasters are threats that can cost a business thousands of dollars. Loss or temporary inaccessibility of your data, files and systems will result in your business grinding to a halt. Maintaining backup’s in the cloud ensures your data is safe and gives you access to that data in the event of a disaster. We provide a personalised Cloud Data Backup service which is managed and monitored by our trained engineers. All data is stored in one of our Auckland based Datacenters and can be quickly obtained in the event of that your local data has been compromised.

Key Benefits of TelnetNZ Cloud Data Backup


Scale on Demand

Our platform offers massive scalability that can grow on demand and saves initial cost.

Uptime Guarantee

We are very confident with our core network and you have the assurance of availability for 99.99% of the time.

Local Professional Support

Our engineer team are well trained and certified professional who have years of experiences that you can depend on.

Outstanding performance

Your VPS are served from a cluster of powerful servers for exceptional performance and reliability.


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