Data Center




As one of the NZ state-level telecom operators, Telnet NZ has the authority and ability to directly manage and optimize routing ports both domestic and abroad. We also own dedicated cabinets and leading equipment which enable us to provide customers with dedicated server erection or hosting Program, and cloud hosting virtual server program. Based on your needs, our experts can provide a variety of combinations so as to offer the most suitable and cost-effective solutions.


We have a separate rack space in the core telecoms center in New Zealand and we have direct access to the national total bandwidth network interface.Our professional engineers can help you choose the most appropriate dedicated server and storage space and build your solution with the best hardware from leading companies such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Cisco. Load-balancing and clustering options not only provide flexibility and high availability but also ensure the longest and most stable uptime.


Telnet NZ Cloud Hosted Virtual Server solution not only saves SMBs from the cost of expensive server investment and endless upgrade and maintenance costs, but also has the flexibility to grow or reduce capacity in virtual servers and free up your internal IT resources. In addition, you will have a customizable virtual infrastructure at our Cloud Hosted Virtual Server Hub that you can freely customize your own CPU, RAM, Hard drive, and international bandwidth. Our professional configuration can meet your most demanding load requirements in any condition. Your data security are protected by the highest national security level, including the benefits of easy transfer and 24 hours backup. You will have timely support from our experienced engineers at any stage.